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NEW! See my photos of summer butterflies in "Bonus Content" at left.

View my log of August nature sightings by clicking "diary" at left. 

Photos from September...

Monarch butterflies are migrating now, heading toward wintering grounds in the mountains of Mexico. On their way south, they feed on numerous flowers, including Lantana, a butterfly and hummingbird favorite.

Kayaking in a local wetland, here in Central New York state, I looked up to see a juvenile Bald Eagle soaring close overhead. It takes 4-5 years for juveniles to acquire white heads and tails.

Disturbed by my quiet arrival, a Great Blue Heron launches off his wetland perch with a loud "gwarrk"to emphasize his displeasure/

Eyeball to eyeball with a Leopard or Meadow Frog. Needless to say, yours truly blinked first.

This photo shows off a Painted Turtle's telltale yellow and orange stripes. I also like the turtle's webbed back foot and its reptilian scales.

I live 200 miles from the ocean, but that doesn't mean I won't encounter gulls on a river float. This is a juvenile Ring-billed Gull. Look carefully to see the black ring on the bill. Streaks on the head tell me it's a juvenile.

Mallard chicks are grown up by September, but they still like to play Follow the Leader.

Photos by Rick Marsi

All rights reserved.