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New "TROPICAL FORESTS" photo album in "Galleries"
These are blooming now...
A recent early July outing yielded photos of these flowering beauties:

Angelica's dark purple stem is a sure field mark for identification. Grows up to 9 feet tall, especially this year, with wet weather encouraging most local wildflowers to thrive.

Purple-flowering Raspberry is a shrub with maple-like leaves and rose-like flowers. I photographed this specimen growing on a rocky forest bank in full shade.

We saw six clumps of Canada Lily in a two-mile stretch of riverbank we were passing in kayaks. These nodding flowers also appear in yellow. Loves moist meadows.

It seems like a good year for Milkweed. I'm seeing numerous clumps along local roadsides. Now is the time to start looking for Monarch Butterflies flitting about Milkweed plants. If you see that, you can assume the Monarchs are going to lay eggs on Milkweed stems. Monarch larvae feed exclusively on Milkweed.

Photos by Rick Marsi
July, 2015
All rights reserved.