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For those of you who might be in the neighborhood, the band in which I drum and sing, The Ringtones, will be playing Saturday, Oct. 10, from 5 to 8 p.m. at Wolffy's Marina and Grill, 2953 Lower Lake Road, on Cayuga Lake south of Seneca Falls.

Photos of the week...
A paddle through my favorite wetland this past week yielded an encounter with a Great Egret. 

This was my first view. These birds migrate northward in late summer and early fall from breeding grounds farther south. 

Closer now, using shallow paddling strokes and foliage of Pickerel Weed and Yellow Pond Lily to keep myself unseen. It didn't hurt that my kayak sits very low to the water.

In a "now or never" moment, I quietly push clear of all vegetation and face my quarry. The gorgeous white bird still doesn't see me. I could have done this sneak 500 times and not gotten this close.

Yellow Pond Weed is still blooming. A close cousin to Spatterdock, it features very large leaves that are great to hide behind.

Returning to the launch, I realized the stars were aligned for me that day, when I spotted this group of Mallards tucked against the shoreline. 499 times out of 500, these birds will flush when they see me. Not today. They decided to hunker by the shore and let me pass.

Photos by Rick Marsi
October, 2015
All rights reserved.