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Listing of August and September sightings in "Diary"
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Wetland Kayak Excursion

I photographed these two juvenile Painted Turtles on consecutive days, on logs 100 yards apart. Although their markings are very similar, the top turtle features small yellow rings around the eye. The bottom one doesn't.

I estimate the shell on both turtles was three inches long. I took this from three feet away. Youngsters are very trusting - until their first encounter with a predator.

Moments before I took this photo, two Bald Eagles were perched near the top of the tall White Pine at water's edge: an adult on one side and a juvenile on the other, about five feet apart.

I watched this adult Green Heron hunting for several minutes. After successfully spearing a small prey item, the bird shook itself dry. Seconds later, I got this shot.

This is a juvenile Green Heron. Note the lighter plumage. The background features Jewelweed flowers.

Throughout the summer, I've paddled by Pickerel Weed to enjoy the sights and sounds of countless bees plumbing its flowers for nectar.

This tree trunk washed into the mouth of the wetland years ago during a flood. Now it serves as a perfect loafing log for various species, including Ring-billed Gulls.

Photos by Rick Marsi
All rights reserved.