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Rose-breasted Grosbeaks like this male are common feeder visitors during early spring. Their visits taper off later in spring, when wild food becomes more available.

This Gray Catbird is singing on my garden trellis. He mimics the songs of other birds and also emits a cat-like "meow" call.

Catbirds weave strips of bark from wild grape vines into the exterior of their nests.

More mischief, ounce for ounce, than any mammal on earth! A young Red Squirrel.

A male Red-winged Blackbird I photographed at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge this past week. Males are flaring their epaulets all along the wildlife drive there, as they defend territories and display for females.
New photos of Flicker, Hermit Thrush and Fox Sparrow added to Spring and Summer Songbirds in "Galleries"
"Log Cabin Year" is now available at the following retail outlets: RiverRead Books and Roberson Museum Shop, Binghamton; Buffalo Street Books, Ithaca; Waterman Outdoor Ed. Center, Apalachin; Riverrow Books, Owego; Tanglewood Nature Center, Elmira and Wild Birds Unlimited, Big Flats Commons, Elmira. 
Photos by Rick Marsi
May, 2016
All rights reserved.