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Photos from this week...

I wrote about killdeer in my column for 8/29. Here's an adult I "shot" from my kayak on the Chenango River. If this bird were standing by eggs on this gravel bar, you would not be able to see them. They look just like pebbles.

Walking along the banks of the Susquehanna River, I watched and heard two adult killdeer screaming at my approach. Movement in a tall tussock of grass revealed the source of their concern. A just-fledged youngster had become tangled and trapped in the grass. I removed it, took its picture, placed it on the bank (where it immediately disappeared due to perfect camouflage) and hastily departed the scene.

I found this Eastern Comma siphoning minerals from charcoal in an old campfire site. Commas rarely gain nutrients from nectar, but choose rotten fruit, charcoal and other materials instead. The underside of the Comma's wing shows the pale-colored "comma" for which it is named. A member of the Anglewing family.

Meadowhawks are one of the most common late summer dragonflies in the wetlands I visit for photos. While they are mating and laying eggs - which they are doing now - you will see them flying and ovipositing in tandem.

While many songbirds have quieted for the season, Song Sparrows continue to sing.

Photos by Rick Marsi
August, 2015
All rights reserved.