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Listing of October sightings in "Diary"
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Wild Vines in October

Virginia Creeper berries are beautiful but toxic to humans. Wild birds eat them with no ill effects, as do mice, skunks, chipmunks, squirrels and deer.


Virginia Creeper is sometimes mistaken for Poison Ivy, but creeper leaves have five leaflets and poison ivy leaves have three.

Asiatic Bittersweet. Beautiful but invasive. This vine can grow 50 feet tall. In doing so, it twines around its host plant, eventually over-topping it and depriving it of sunlight. 

Poison Ivy. Even in fall, this vine's three shiny leaflets make it easy to identify. Wildlife species have no problem eating the berries.

Wild Grape. This native vine also will shade out the tree it is growing on. It is a native plant, however, and it's fruits are prized by many birds and mammals.

Photos by Rick Marsi
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